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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Real Estate Market Updates September, 2014

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Sorry, I have been busy with Real Estate this summer and haven't had time to blog for a while. Here is the newest market updates from Realtor Board. I thought I would share it with everyone who is interested in knowing the market.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ways to teach your kids to obtain financial skills 

I was reading on line and came across this article. I thought it would be nice to share with all the parents out there. It is an useful article.

Using real estate to get rid of the kids
According to a TD Bank report from 2009, and accounting for inflation, education costs per child could range from $37,000 (for a live at home student) to $137,000 (for a live away student) when he/she turns 18 years old.  
Investors already know that buying real estate is a solution to paying for a child’s education however, this may not be the right solution.  In fact, it could be detrimental to a child’s performance, according to a paper published by University of California, “More is More or More is Less? Parent Financial Investments During College.” It suggests that there is a direct relationship between parents who pay the bills and lower academic performance by their children. 
Rather than let your children party at school while you are stuck with the bills, why not get them to pay the bills. Tracy Ma from Financial Nirvana Mama outlines four key strategies for getting your kids to pay for their own education and at the same time, teach them real estate investing skills.
1.    Teach them property management
If your properties are less than five years old (i.e. low maintenance) and your child goes to a school near your properties, why not have them manage the properties as their part-time job?  Better yet, have them live in a unit as their principle place of residence and rent out the extra rooms to friends.  Teach them how to manage the properties like a pro, with the right agreements, contracts, and templates.  And don’t forget to teach them about all the applicable rental regulations.  Now, they can use the cash
flow from the properties to help pay for their own tuition and books.
2.    Teach them to profit from a real estate portfolio
If you have a couple of properties that you have held for more than ten years, you probably have a nice nest egg for your child’s education.  Rather than selling the properties when your children are ready to go to post-secondary school, hold the properties a little bit longer until they graduate.  Have them take out an interest-free student loan to pay for their education.  Then, transfer the assets to your kids after they graduate from post-secondary education and have them sell it, or borrow against it, to pay for their loans.  Any remaining profits from a sale, or available room in a home equity line-of-credit, can jumpstart your child’s purchase of their own real estate.
3.    Have them manage a real estate portfolio
If the properties are held more than 15 years and your children decide to the leave the city, why not refinance the balance of the mortgage, and have them retain a team to manage these properties?  Teach them to oversee the properties and monitor the expenses and payments.  The cash flow can be used to offset their tuition fees and books.  Once school is finished, they can liquidate, or borrow against, a property and pay off their loans.
4.    Teach them hard money lending
If the properties no longer have any mortgages and your kids are off to medical school or they are too busy to manage real estate, teach them to sell the properties, contribute a portion to their tax free savings account, and lend out their money to other real estate investors as a mortgage-backed loan.  Now your kids have mortgage payments coming into their bank accounts to help offset their living expenses and tuition costs.  And after they have finished their education, they can recall the loans that they have issued to pay off their own student loan.
Be creative and financially savvy with these exit strategies to not only make your money work smarter, but teach your kids life skills. Using the strategies described, your kids will be on their way to paying off their education (and becoming real estate investors) in no time.

Monday, March 31, 2014



社区:    温哥华市中心 (Downtown Vancouver West)
地址#1628-938 Smithe St.
面积 868平方英尺
楼层 24  
房龄 2005年建造
停车位1 个车位
Bosa 建造的 Electric Avenue, 採光良好,拥有无敌市景及落地窗,可看到Robson Square Vancouver Art Gallery。位于交通方便,地段好的市中心,步行可到餐厅,电影院,购物中心,公交车,健身房等。必看的市中心楼房!

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

本拿比中学排名 Burnaby Secondary School Ranking

      本拿比中学学校排名 Burnaby Secondary School Ranking


Monday, March 17, 2014

本拿比小學排名 Burnaby Elementary Schools ranking

最近有客人問我本拿比 (Burnaby) 小學的學區該如何選擇, 所以我列出本拿比小學的排名供大家做參考,希望這會有所幫助。

Monday, February 24, 2014


地址1696 Laurier Ave, Vancouver
面积 7,252平方英尺
楼层 3  
房龄 1911年建造
停车位4 个车位
壁炉: 5个
地板: 原木地板

Shaughnessy 难得一见的豪宅,由 Formwerks Architectural Inc.设计,全屋做了高品味的翻新及装璜,装璜面积有7100平方英尺,位于街角地。宽大的客厅和餐厅拥有雕花墙线设计,橡木地板。厨房以豪华的欧式设计,石英石台面。主卧房附有Spa浴室,进入式衣橱,休闲区及办公室。另外,开放式书房有 Tiffiny 玻璃,空调酒窖,健身房,宽大的室外平台及室外厨房,安全闸门。

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

温哥华学校边界线 Vancouver Schools Boundary Map

温哥华学校边界线 Vancouver Schools Boundary Map



Tuesday, February 18, 2014

温哥华中学排名 Vancouver Secondary Schools Ranking

温哥华中学排名 Vancouver Secondary Schools Ranking


Government reduces tax burden on first-time buyers

Government reduces tax burden on first-time buyers

First-time home buyers received welcome news in today’s provincial budget. Any REALTORS® currently working with first-time buyers will want to share this news with them as soon as possible.
The government has announced, effective February 19, 2014, under the Property Transfer Tax (PTT) First-Time Home Buyers’ Exemption program, qualifying first-time buyers can buy a home worth up to $475,000. The previous threshold was $425,000.
The partial exemption continues and will apply to homes valued between $475,000 and $500,000.
With this change, the government estimates 1,700 additional first-time buyers will annually be eligible to save up to $7,500 in PTT when they buy their home.
The government estimates this measure will cost $8 million in lost tax revenue each year.
The Real Estate Board, together with BC Real Estate Association, has actively lobbied to make home ownership more affordable for first-time home buyers. This increase in the threshold clearly signals our efforts have paid off as in past years.
In 2008, as a result of industry lobbying, the provincial government increased the threshold to $425,000 from $375,000. 
In 2005, the government increased the threshold to $325,000 from $275,000.
The PTT is calculated at a rate of one per cent on the first $200,000 and two per cent on the remaining value of the purchase price.

Source from Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver 

Monday, February 3, 2014


Open House 28日(星期六) 9日(星期日)11:00am-1:00pm
周末开放参观 28日和911:00am-1:00pm

城市: 温哥华
地址:#2304 1500 Howe Street, Vancouver
面积 1,738 平方英尺
楼层 23  (共有24)
房龄 1989年建造
停车位2 个车位
大楼设施:健身房,自行车房,桑拿室,蒸汽室,电梯,热水池, 研讨室,存储室。
房源特色: 位于大楼的第二高楼层,宽敞的空间,客厅里有壁炉。地板,家电,窗户,浴室设备都是新装潢过的。两个停车位及一个大尺寸的存储室。

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